Best Master Chief and Cortana Moments (Love Story) by Gamer's Little Playground   1 year ago


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We recently played through Halo 3 again for a future project, and we were reminded how wonderful Chief and Cortana are when they are together. We searched through all the main titles and tried to find their best moments together, whether they were funny, emotional or dare I say romantic. We let some of the scenes run pretty long, just to give context to the story. We might just make a shorter version that literally just shows the quick moments, but as of right now we like the video better this way. I've personally always considered them a couple, but that's just me. I know a lot of people see that as ridiculous, but if you ever watched the making of Halo 3, even Bungie refers to Cortana as Chief's girlfriend. Some of the moments we chose also show Chief relentless trust of Cortana, even if she's not in the scene. We hope you enjoy, and if you have any favorite moments that we didn't include, lets us know in the comments below!

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